Grounding with Sesh

When I hear the word grounding I think of my empathic nature.

My empathic nature and unhealthy absorption of the emotional sensations around me much of my life, created a lot of confusion within me.

I reached a point where I literally could not remember where I began and ended without the enmeshment of others. Through all of my confusion one thing became very clear; I needed to fully come back to mySelf. In other words, I had leased so much of mySelf to others and absorbed so much that until I processed my baggage, released my attachments to them, and reeled my energy back in from them, I would not have what I needed to clear the chaos swarming within me.

Demanding that clarity within me I found Yoga.

At first, Yoga seemed to only satisfy my physical needs. Then again, it was introduced to me as more of a physical workout and I was heavily in comparison during my earlier practice days. Through my dedicated practice I began to feel these waves of bliss flow through me at certain times. A few years ago in a Vinyasa styled Power Yoga class, while holding and breathing through certain poses I noticed I was smiling. For me it was that class that taught me that I can use Yoga as a tool to shift my emotional states and enter into more peaceful states of being.

I found a valuable technique through my practice with grounding.

When we ground, we put our bodies in uninterrupted contact with the Earth. Earth provides nourishment and stability. The healing properties allow Earth to absorb and transmute our negative energies into positive ones.

Energetically grounding into the Earth allows you to become a clearer channel for Life Force energy to flow. You feel more centered and less tension.

You direct your energy for grounding with the power of your breath and mind. My Yoga practice is a tool for embodiment, integrating my mind and body with Spirit so that I have awareness within my body temple. It compliments and amplifies my grounding practice, restoring connection with my Inner Wisdom and with Spirit which supports my clarity. There is now greater trust in the internal messages and sensations I experience, decreasing my emotional over-sensitivities, physical discomfort and dis-ease. I realize the importance of my feeling my way through life as I heal and experience. So many of us want to change who we are designed to be once we're born and mature enough to see what everyone else is doing and working with. I encourage you to learn your own natural rhythms and gifts so that you can support greater harmony on this planet.

Without further ado...

Grounding With Sesh

This pose & sequence shared improves flexibility and blood circulation to the toes, ankles, Achilles Tendon, knees, pelvis and spinal column. As you sit in Sesh pose you cultivate clarity, creativity and intuitive insight by invoking the energetic faculty behind the Sesh; the essence of cosmic intuition and wisdom.

Sesh is a Kemetic term that translates to scribe, but it can be more properly translated as "to create" or "to draw". As one of the most respected titles in Kemet, very little happened that did not involve a scribe in some way. Sesh wrote the story of humanity's journey through time. He was the protector and developer of the culture. As the Divine Recorder and record keeper, Sesh protected knowledge, language and mysteries.

Breathing in Sesh

As you sit in Sesh, close your eyes and begin to tune into your breath cycle.

Begin to deepen your inhalations and slow down your exhalations.

Do this for 5 to 10 cycles of breath.

Now turn start taking deep inhalations, hold your breath for 1 - 2 seconds, then release slow exhalations and hold your breath for 1 - 2 seconds. Repeat this for 5 to 10 cycles of breath.

On your next inhalation engage your imagination and tell yourSelf that you're breathing in Life Force energy which amplifies your innate ability to intuit the information you receive.

Hold your breath.

On your exhalation imagine letting go of contradictions, releasing confusions and increasing your Wisdom.

Hold your breath.

Then inhale imagining a greater connection with the Divine Creator.

Hold your breath.

Then exhale and relax more in the Trust you have in that connection.

Practice Sesh and this Meditative Breath Practice to offer yourSelf the space to begin to process and let go so that you can ground your energy and so your Divinity into your life experience.


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