What is

Sacred Synergy Yoga?

Sacred Synergy Yoga was created through Guidance and is my offering of Kemetic Yoga and elemental therapies with intentions for healing, shifting states of Consciousness, and raising and maintaining harmonic vibrations. Through this Compassion towards Self, your knowledge of Self will strengthen.

Sacred Synergy is embodiment. It is bringing forth in the present all of the labor, gifts, and abilities you've cultivated through many life experiences. It is re-storing the mind, body, spirit connection to ease you into Ma'at. Sacred Synergy is harmony within the physical, mental, emotional and spiritual aspects of oneself.

Ma'at is our ultimate goal as human be-ings.

This Kemetic Deity or Neteru invokes within us TRUTH, JUSTICE, BALANCE, ORDER, COMPASSION, HARMONY & RECIPROCITY.

Ma'at is the foundation of Kemetic and Indigenous Spirituality and Philosophy.

Is Sacred Synergy Yoga for you?

Sacred Synergy Yoga is a spiritual practice honoring the Divine Elemental Forces and our Ancestors while strengthening the connection between Self and the Divine Source of all creation in order to increase knowledge of Self.

I welcome those who already have established a Kemetic Yoga or Yoga practice that they are dedicated to and passionate about or those who are ready to establish a Yoga practice with Kemetic roots. I welcome those who have a spiritual connection with Kemet, an interest in reconnecting with the power within their DNA, and those who through their DNA and Soul Knowing have a vibrational resonance with our Indigenous and Kemetic Ancestors.

If you are ready to strengthen your connection with You, increase your awareness of distractions, release those things that are not in alignment with your Soul Mission, and remain in flow with the guidance and support from Spirit, then I welcome you. If you are seeking a Yoga practice that supports the cultivation of Sacred Synergy within your life experience, I welcome you.

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