the Higher Power

Life Force Energy

Shoden is the Attunement and First Teachings

In Level ONE, the Reiki Energy is experienced directly. 

Healing comes with awareness.  You will develop a new relationship to Self and cultivate ways to stay present to the revealing along your journey. 

You will reclaim a Spiritual practice that will continue to unfold to you and learn to remain open to the possibilities so you can experience to expand and be inspired as a result. 

A Spiritual practice is essentially Self practice.

Self practice awakens in you your Truth.  It is done from within and connects you with the Divine.

KNOW THAT healing of Self is Compassion for Self. 

Compassion for Self leads to Compassion for ALL. 

The teachings lead to the Attunement.  The Reiki ONE Attunement specifically opens the hands to channel Reiki Energy and once attuned the ability to use Reiki will always be.


"The energy of reiki stimulates and nourishes the natural process of a person's life."

-phyllis furumoto


May 12, 2018

1:00 p.m. - 5:00 p.m.

Shine Massage & Spa

353 6th Avenue South

Jacksonville Beach, Florida 32250

All Attunements are given by Reiki Master Teacher Danielle "Dani" Garrick


A Reiki ONE Certificate is received after your Attunement.

If you are interested in scheduling your Reiki ONE Attunement please contact me

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