Reiki Synergy

Reiki is a journey.

It is an exploration to new discoveries that never ends!

It facilitates healing changes, moving Life Force Energy through the Physical, Mental and Emotional Bodies, the Chakras and Auric Fields to clear blockages, encouraging flow throughout and releasing what is no longer needed.


Reiki works to stimulate the body's own natural healing abilities for the highest good of all.  It is an intelligent energy that finds it's way for those who remain open to it's effect.

Reiki not only creates positive experiences, but also provides a very practical technique to handle issues in our lives.

This gives increased confidence in achieving goals and living our lives with health and abundance.

A Reiki Attunement is


Self Care.

The ability to channel Reiki is a gift given during an Attunement.

It is a Health and Wellness Treatment for your Physical, Mental and Emotional Body which cleanses any stagnant or negative energy absorbed into these three bodies and the Chakras for a 21 day cycle.

There are three Attunements which help you to connect and open to being a clearer and stronger path for Reiki Energy. 

It accelerates your personal healing. 

Chakra Synergy

Reiki is a catalyst to bridge gaps and increase your Inner Awareness.


This Distance Reiki Healing Session offers:


Chakra Check-Up

This is a scan through your energy system to identify the wellness of each center and any restrictions or limitations.


Distance Reiki

The greatest value of Distance Reiki is an elevated vibrational state, which subsequently leads to optimal wellness, reaching you where you are in space and time with no physical travel and privacy for your emotional or physical releases.

Find information on Distance Healing here.


Chakra Formulas & Remedies

This is an expansion on the Elemental Crystal Therapy suggestions I share during the clearing process.


Meet Up

30 minute call after Distance Reiki to review Session and answer any questions.

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