Sacred Synergy

utilizing principles taught in

Kemetic Yoga

"The Philosophic Principals of Kemetic Yoga places emphasis on the rejuvenation of the entire body and mind, and not just the physical development of outer muscles and flexibility.

Most importantly, Kemetic Yoga emphasizes control of the breath.  The breath is the Life Force, and we use the breath to flow through the movements from one posture to the next."

~ Master Yirser


My practice translates my experience into articulation for another.

This is grounding the spiritual science of our ancestors in to the present experience for our Self-development and transformation.

Through the practice we

• Radiate our Divinity
• Embrace and honor our ancestors

• Empower Self through the gift of practice.

We Transmute.

This is the art of letting go and the cultivation of Ma'at!


We use the breath as the vehicle. It guides us through yogic movement and develops our respiratory system.  Emphasis on the breath places the mind and body in a flow state and in this state Alpha waves are emitted by the brain.  This is deep relaxation, concentration and mental harmony. 

Our breath is the baseline for practice and just like our breath, our movement is slow and controlled.  Slow and controlled movement allows you to attain a relaxed state while you develop your physical body.  You can then maintain this relaxed state throughout your day.

The Breath Practice will...
• Increase your awareness of the energy flowing through your body
• Awaken any numbed or disconnected energetic pathways
• Stimulate mental, emotional and cellular healing
• Cultivate Ma'at (harmony) within your entire Be-ing


Your practice is your offering, your body is your temple.  Your practice not only gives care to your body with physical yogic movement, it also gives care to your Breath, your Heart, your Mind and your Emotions.

You are essentially creating a new energetic environment around and within your temple by

• Raising your vibration
• Elevating your Consciousness
• Strengthening your connection to All

• Grounding your energy for transmutation

Increase the flow of Vital Life Force energy within You.

More on the philosophy of Kemetic Yoga here.

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