Crystal Synergy Packs

Intuitively designed and charged with Love through the Vital Life Force Energy ever-flowing, in order to


  • Bring you back into flow during those times along the journey where you have stumbled off the path.

  • Maintain your balance and harmony along the journey.

  • Support shifts and transitions as you grow and expand along the journey.

You are on a Soul Journey to express your Divinity.

There is a flow of energy that goes from the Divine Source, through your Soul and into your Physical body for Divine Self Expression.


In order to express your Divinity and radiate your Divine Power you must be embodied.  To be embodied is to be tuned in to the cosmic dance and natural rhythms of your body.


To be embodied is Sacred Synergy.


Crystal Synergy Packs support your creation of Sacred Synergy within your life experience.


As your Individual Soul is always connected to Divine Source through the Chakras, they are the foundation behind each Crystal Synergy Pack theme.

These packs have been designed to remove the distractions and connect you with your own Inner Awareness, which taps you into the greatest source of Knowledge and Wisdom.


Each includes FIRE, AIR, EARTH & WATER.  These elemental energy forces sustain life on Earth and are integral parts of your Physical Creation.


Think of these packs as Spiritual First Aid Kits offering you the opportunity to create your Sacred Space on the go.  Connect not only with your Inner Awareness but with the Spirit World and your ancestors with the support of the elemental energies included.  You use your intuitive guidance and the power of your Will as you open your pack each time. 


Light | Love | Peace

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